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Mission & Vision

Welcome to the Bhutan Shooting Federation!

At Bhutan Shooting Federation (BSF), we are on a mission to redefine Bhutan’s shooting sports landscape. With a steadfast commitment to integrity, excellence, and inclusivity, we are shaping a future where skilled athletes thrive and community cohesion flourishes. Through tailored training, personalized mentorship, and world-class competitive events, we are propelling athletes to Olympic-level success, elevating Bhutan’s presence on the global stage.

Join us in this inspiring journey of empowerment and sporting excellence. Whether you are a seasoned shooter or new to the sport, there is a place for you at BSF. Together, let’s celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, foster camaraderie, and unlock the full potential of Bhutan’s shooting sports community. Welcome to a world where passion meets purpose – welcome to the Bhutan Shooting Federation!

Our Mission & Vision

Our Company History

Shaping the future of Bhutan’s shooting sports as a beacon of integrity, excellence, and inclusivity, envisioning a thriving landscape nationwide, inspiring skilled athletes, fostering community cohesion, and amplifying Bhutan’s global presence.

The Bhutan Shooting Federation (BSF) is dedicated to leading Bhutan’s shooting sports with unwavering integrity and excellence on a global scale. We commit to nurturing widespread youth participation, fostering discipline, and enhancing community cohesion. Through meticulously designed training, mentorship programs, and competitive events, our objective is to actively engage athletes in Olympic-level competitions, propelling the development of shooting sports in Bhutan while elevating its international stature.

Our goal at the Bhutan Shooting Federation (BSF) is to emerge as a prominent advocate for excellence, integrity, and inclusivity in shooting sports both nationally and internationally. We pledge to foster holistic youth development, expand participation, and strengthen community engagement while enhancing Bhutan’s global standing in the sport. Through promoting sportsmanship, supporting holistic development, and investing in sustainable infrastructure, we aim to advance the BSF’s mission and vision, contributing to the growth and success of shooting sports worldwide.

  1. Youth Development Program
    1. Conducting shooting training workshops tailored to varying skill levels.
    2. Implementing a mentorship program on shooting for personalized guidance.
    3. Ensuring access to safe shooting facilities for all youth and members.
    4. Empowering youth through leadership training.


  1. Sportsmanship Initiatives
    1. Launching Fair Play Campaigns to instill values of fair play.
    2. Organizing youth clubs to promote shooting sports in schools.
    3. Organizing national shooting competitions with ethical standards.


  1. Community Engagement Program
    1. Hosting community outreach events to showcase shooting sports.
    2. Implementing social inclusion initiatives for marginalized groups.
    3. Encouraging community service projects to cultivate character.


  1. Holistic Development Program
    1. Providing life skills workshops for marginalized groups through shooting sports for personal and professional growth.
    2. Offering educational support to aspiring youths in shooting sports by facilitating scholarships.
    3. Promoting health and wellness among youth shooters.